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"Unix Audit, Linux Audit, iSeries Audit, & Windows Audit Solutions"

The security audit of the growing number of platforms is a difficult task. The knowledge required to address these complex systems is substantial.

Hopefully, the pages on this web site will assist in these matters. A number of approaches and tools are introduced, which focus upon the needs of the busy auditor. These embrace a number of platforms, and further platforms will be introduced in due course.

Hopefully, the iSecurity World portal will be prove to be a valuable resource to auditors and security officers of all shades of experience.

Unix Audit

Information security software is a now a fundamental part of good business practice. However choosing the correct security solution can be a difficult undertaking. What level of security do you need? What are the best Unix security and general security products for your enterprise?

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Linux Audit

With so many flavours, Linux is often approached with apprehension be security auditors and administrators. Hopefully, however, a sound audit program and toolset may help.

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iSeries Audit / AS400 Audit

Not only can we offfer solutions for comprehensive management in iSeries security and iSeries audit, but an audit plan and checklists for AS400 security audit.

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JD Edwards

JD Edwards OneWorld continues to evolve. It is, however, a complex architecture and framework. Fortunately, a number of works have emerged to assist.

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Windows Audit

Familiarity sometimes encourages complacency. This is a significant risk with Windows security. A range of security and audit products are, however, readily available.

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Getting a handle on security enterprise wide is critical, not only in ensuring that appropriate control is applied, but that it is applied as productively and effectively as possible. Hopefully, we can help you to achieve this through the products listed on this site.

If you do need any assistance or guidance, however, please do not hesitate to contact us

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